The invention of Virtual Reality

Many people assume that virtual reality is a recent arrival on the technological scene, but in fact, it goes back much further than many of us realise.


Virtual Reality Story of Creating 360 Degree Video

In Virtual Reality world, there are thousand of technology things to discover and today for story telling, let’s see how to create 360 Degree Video.


Virtual Reality gets real for Fashion Retail


Tilbury spoke of the magic of VR advertisements that don’t exist in traditional media forms. “You kind of have the feeling that there’s this limitless way to how you feel, and that you could be dancing on Orion’s Belt, or you could be at a party with Kate Moss."


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Generation Y with Virtual Reality Dating

Virtual Reality dating could be very common in online life style of Generation Y. See what they do with this to make romance for online lives. 


Virtual Reality Apps in purpose of Education

Look at some interesting applications using Virtual Reality in Education.


How Bangkok enjoy Coffee and VR experience

Bangkok is the city about entertainment and technology innovation in Southeast Asia. And let's see how people enjoy leisure time with VR.


Virtual Reality - A New Media Channel

We see a number of established media companies who always want to give something new and WOW experience to the customers are jumping on Virtual Reality.


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